Development Planning

Lakeside Environmental Group LLC leads clients through the development planning process in Vermont, from initial feasibility research and due diligence, through the development a conceptual plan or master plan, into the design details and critical environmental studies, on to local, state and federal permitting, and finally to coordination with the construction team. Tony Stout, our Senior Planner, has over 25 years experience in Vermont shepherding projects through Act 250 and over 15 years designing projects to satisfy the myriad environmental requirements. From wetlands and agricultural soils to traffic calming and archaeological surveys, from local subdivision plat review to federal environmental impact studies, we have seen most every type of development project in most every setting.

No matter the project, our approach to development planning is to identify critical issues early in the planning and design process, thereby reducing the client’s exposure and risk as much as possible as they invest more deeply in a project. LEG does not favor engineers, architects, attorneys, or other scientists, but instead seeks to bridge these professions through the planning and design process. Depending on the scope of a project, each of those professionals may well be involved in a project design under LEG’s watchful eyes. For any project, LEG can assemble an outstanding professional team, suited for a client’s particular situation.

For simpler projects where the client wants to take the lead, we can advise the best overall strategy, identify issues, offer design concepts, and provide coaching all along the way, stepping in with help as needed.