Renewable Energy

Lakeside Environmental Group LLC envisions a day when we will use sunshine to make enough electricity to match our regular demands at home; and then use sunshine to make enough electricity to match the demand of a geothermal heating system; and finally we will use sunshine and/or wind to make enough electricity to directly power a home hydrogen station to feed fuel cells in our cars.

Principal and Senior Planner Tony Stout has tackled the first one with a 4.9 kW net meter solar array installed at his house in N. Ferrisburgh. Check out his construction details and costs. You may be surprised how simple and economical it has become. We are now researching the best designs for cost effective and trouble free geothermal and wood pellet systems for space heating. Home hydrogen? It’s still a few years off.

Our associated civil engineer Scott Mapes, PE is also busy helping a commercial client layout and permit a large solar farm in Vermont.

Understanding your options for renewable energy will be very important for successful developments in Vermont’s future. We can help.